Maria Rosa Sossai, Awakening to Life – SHIFTER 20th : What We Can Knot

Maria Rosa Sossai’s article, Awakening to Life, was published in SHIFTER’s 20th issue, What We Can Knot.

This issue takes the form of conversations between artists who discuss their intertwined professions as art practitioners and art educators.  The issue features a long list of notable artists (the complete list can be found below) some of whom will make short presentations at the book launch.  Here too artists, in conversation, attempt to take apart the institutional construct of formal art education in order to discuss the many complexities of art-making and meaning making, and their intersection with the protocols of educational institutions.

Shifter’s 20th issue, What We Can Knot draws from George Bernard Shaw’s quip “He who can, does; he who cannot, teaches.” In this issue we would like to parse out and challenge what we see to be Shaw’s false binary, and to explore the value of negotiation and collaboration as important elements both in the studio and in the classroom. To this end we have invited several individuals who are both artist and educator, to consider the active relation between art practice and teaching in their life. We have invited them to do this through a conversation or correspondence with either a mentor or a student who continues to play an intimate part in their understanding of the intertwined roles as artist and educator.


Ashley Hunt & Malene Dam

Marjetica Potrč & Amanda Eicher with Ryo Yonami, Nuriye Elisabeth Tohermes & Mai Shirato

Andreas Fischer & Hannah B. Higgins

Corin Hewitt & Riley Duncan

Richard Kostelanetz with Frederick Young, Michael Peters & Bob Grumman

Michelle Grabner with Philip Vanderhyden, Molly Zuckerman-Hartung, Andrew Falkowski, Elijah Burgher, Julie Weitz, Christopher Mcnulty, Michael Velliquette, Barry Underwood, Joey Farueso, Gil Riley & Adam Scott

Abhishek Hazra

Zach Cahill ft. Cassandra Troyan

Andrew Falkowski

Jesal Kapadia & Brian McCarthy

Adelita Husni Bey & Janna Graham

Tyler Coburn & A.L. Steiner

Abdullah Awad & Sreshta Rit Premnath

Allan deSouza & Jeannene Przyblyski

Steven Lam & Daniel Joseph Martinez

Juan William Chávez & Anya Liao

Valerio Rocco Orlando & Mónica Ríos

Deborah Stratman & James Benning

A.K. Burns & Alexandro Segade

Dan Paz & Tania Bruguera

Kelly Kaczynski

Ayisha Abraham & Smriti Mehra

Maria Rosa Sossai


Sreshta Rit Premnath, Matthew Metzger


5-7pm, May 11th 2013, Parsons, 25 East 13th Street, 5th Floor, NY

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